Is there still hope for me if I listen to Nice Dream by in a loop? Singing all the lyrics? And, worst of all, even mimicking the guitar solo with my voice? That last one sounds more miserable than you can imagine.

La musique que j'aime est comme une léchouille de ma chatonne : certes râpeuse, mais elle fait du bien à mon petit cœur.

Hello everybody!

I wouldn't say I'm new to Mastodon : I've been using it for more than a year now, via another account somewhere else in the fediverse.

Sometimes I don't feel comfortable discussing personal matters with my main account, so I decided to create a new, more anonymous one. And here it is!

I'm into , , , , /#remix culture, to knowledge, and , etc.

I played a little bit of harmonica today. I'm still awfully bad at it, and that's very frustrating. But at least I stayed focused on a light subject for half an hour.

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