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Rezeptidee: Schwäbische Poutine

Pommes mit Bratensoße übergießen und dann Käsespätzle drauf.

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- doesn’t understand fear or remorse
- zero respect for authority
- capable of growing up to 6x in size
- ability to regrow teeth
- scream that can stop a crowd in its tracks
- can learn new concepts or languages almost instantly

in short, do not fuck with babies

Having children myself now, I finally understand why all parents think their kids are geniuses… it’s because you have little comparisons to other children, but lots of comparisons between your child and your child from two weeks ago. And a) compared to then, your “new” child knows so much more, and b) compared to your adult self, (s)he is such a fast learner, they must be hyper intelligent!

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Welche Anbieter empfehlt ihr, wenn euch jemand nach einem #Nextcloud-Hoster fragt? Gerne gegen Geld, seriös und langfristig, nur EU. #followerpower

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Julia Klöckner is a German politician for CDU (the ruling right-wing "conservative" party) on a road trip during this election campaign. Behold the arrival of the cool and climate-aware electric car prop.

German climate politics could hardly be better symbolized.


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If you took a drink every time an economist used "network effects" to explain why Big Tech is so big, you'd get very, very drunk.

To be fair to economists, network effects *are* important to the Big Tech story.

A system is said to have network effects if it gets better when more people use it. That certainly describes Facebook - you join FB because of the friends that are already there, and then someone else joins because you're there.


The dashed line is “without energy”, so it is not just oil prices.

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@Gargron Wow, just downloaded your new iOS app and so far I really like it... clean, easy, straight-forward -- I think this can really help to onboard new users to the Mastodon universe.

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Why is the top country from which the state of imports stuff? Would love for someone to dig deeper into this… does this include (financial) services imports? Or is this due to the pharmaceutical companies importing through Delaware? (And, similarly, why is Switzerland ’s top market?)

vs ? Come on, , you can do better: comparing market cap to GDP is so stupid… one is a stock and the other a flow measure, you should know that. Comparing revenues to GDP might make (a little) more sense, but of course it wouldn’t generate nearly as impressive maps…

I just listened to the podcast episode on trucking in the US. Fascinating interview, but what I would have asked: can the lack of economies of scale be due to regulation? They allude to it: big companies need to follow the law to the letter and get sued all the time (=costly), while smaller operators can maybe take some shortcuts and thus be cheaper?

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