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Ok, just sharing this for anyone else with that issue: Starting last week I suddenly had trouble for days in a row... The pillow felt uncomfortable and I felt the need to clench my teeth.

Turns out, it wasn't stress or anything, but s.t. easily fixed: A new USB was making a very high-pitched and thus barely audible noise that apparently was enough to keep me from sleeping - unplugged it and the problem disappeared!

Maybe less gadgets in the bedroom is not such a bad idea.

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Alors qu'en fait ça s'utilise COMME ÇA :

TADAAA ! C'est dix fois plus facile à ouvrir, et à la fin pas la peine de s'emmerder à se niquer les doigts à aller récupérer le couvercle en metal tombé dans la sauce.

Si vous le saviez déjà, merci de ne pas vous moquer.

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ICYMI, the eBook storage site Libreture now has free basic accounts (with paid accounts for extra storage space):

You can follow them at:


The site also has a constantly maintained list of DRM-free eBook publishers/bookshops:

#eBooks #eBook #Books #DRM #DrmFree

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Bloqué depuis six mois dans un aéroport, un Syrien raconte sa survie

Cela fait six mois que Hassan Al Kontar vit dans le terminal 2 de l'aéroport de Kuala Lumpur, en Malaisie. Le Syrien, qui ne trouve asile nulle part, s'est confié à RTSInfo.

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This came by on :bird: birdsite, too funny to miss.

Wow, that surely is a new low in the ongoing "you no longer own your computer" push by all the OS companies: " intercepting and installation on ".

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Herzlich Willkommen: Nextcloud 14 mit vielen Neuerungen erschienen

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To celebrate reaching more than 20,000 videos on #PeerTube (, we just released the beta 12!

Adds user subscriptions, videos overview page, keyboard shortcuts and many more!

Thanks to all contributors, instance admins, uploaders and viewers <3

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Peak Internet of Shit: "32Teeth aims to make your teeth really clean by applying not only blockchain technology, but also facial recognition, sensors, and big data"

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Elon Musk is the first human to successfully launch his brain into outer space

Mh. sounds interesting: "db is a peer-to-peer service, owned and funded by its listeners, DJ’s, and producers."

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Love #FOSS and #privacy, but are still using #GoogleTranslate?

Give an open equivalent, #OpenNMT (Open Neural Machine Translate) a try! There's a live #translation page (similar to Google Translate) at:

...or contribute at (comes in #Lua, #Python and #TensorFlow variants)

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Le site de l'association #OpenStreetMap France a été mis à jour ce week-end et il est très très chouette 👍

Y a même différents rendus de carte en page d'accueil, dont le Breton ^^

Bravo à ceux et ceusses qui ont œuvré à sa refonte !


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reminder: you can use baguette emoji as path separators

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We’re crowdfunding the future: time to invest in Fairphone.

We’re celebrating by offering 30 euros off on the Fairphone 2 for the duration of the campaign. Find the discount code here ⬇️⬇️
#WeAreFairphone #celebration

Where is the AI-enabled webcam that can point me to the mosquito that is noisily flying around my bedroom and yet totally invisible!?

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Hey y'all!
I have a general #PeerTube instance for creators & vloggers & recorders of random fun stuff at

If you're an active & supportive creator on this instance or another please feel free to DM me for an invite with your desired login, email & I'll try to accommodate. At the moment, i'll stop with the first 20 people to respond with my current budget to help y'all decentralize further. Please note the moderation policies I boost/host by for content.

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as a reminder, be aware that websites now install javascript you have no awareness of into your browser and run it in the background, also without your awareness.

in firefox, if you go to about:debugging and click "workers" you can see all the javascripts running in the background on your firefox for the benefit of others