I'm going to write a lot more about this in the coming days but the most important takeaway from my first few days of switching my main development machine to Linux (Pop!_OS 18.04)?

I. Do. Not. Miss. The. Mac. One. Bit.

Everything Just Works (tm), including my USB-C-only LG external monitor (which doesn't even work with Laura's older MacBook Pro), Magic Trackpad, etc. And there are things I actually enjoy more about the experience. Never thought I'd be writing this about Linux. Exciting times!


@aral I'm glad you finally switched to GNU/Linux. Not because it is "better" than MacOS (which is also quite good) but because it's a free software and that it helps spreading knowledge (whereas Apple only spreads the idea of extreme capitalism).

@h30x I would have switched to GNU Linux on ethical grounds ages ago if it satisfies the ethical design manifesto (not just its core pillar but the other two as well). I wasn't in a place where I could help with the other two given where it was. I feel I am now. That should be the reason to feel good. No one* is going to switch to Linux because of GNU principles. We win this when people switch because it is better than macOS :)

* statistically speaking

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