A humble request for all the #fediverse #devs: please, we need a #singlelogin for all the various services. Imagine having your mastodon account and logging with that to #pixelfed or #peertube... that would be a killer feature. Any work already been done in that direction that I don't know of?

@arteteco OAUTH already makes that possible. Just need the activity pub services to start supporting it (some do, not many)

Oauth can work even between different servers? I used it once but the programs were on the same machine

@arteteco depends what you mean. It means that you can sign on with one click on any server which uses the OAuth provider you are registered with.

Usually when you see things like "sign on with your facebook account" that is OAuth

Ohh... marvellous. And how is the integration with the fediverse going?

@arteteco The only OAuth capable software in the fediverse that I know of is nextcloud with a plugin. But it isnt an OAuth provider, just a consumer. So in practice it just lets you sign on with your google or facebook account.


@freemo @arteteco Another way to sign in is the hubzilla protocol ! It's decentralized AND with a nomadic identity !!! Awesome 😎

@lascapi @arteteco I'd be curious to see the details (first I'm hearing of it). I'm particularly curious as to what advantages it has over OAuth.

@lascapi @freemo

Thinking the wiki on the devs hubzilla channel probably has info of interest.


Mikes channel, where some news is posted and discussion takes place will probably also be of interest



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